GF Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited is an asset management company with a global vision and having its root in China. As a subsidiary of GF Securities Company, one of the top 5 securities company in China, we are the platform for the Group’s overseas asset management business. As a firm, we share our parent’s core value of“Seeking knowledge-based growth, being practical-minded, and making contribution” and strive to embody integrity and excellence at all times.
We dedicate to provide the best overseas investment solutions to clients from Mainland China, at the same time provide unrivaled Asia and China investment solutions to clients from overseas. Our strategies cover equity, fixed income and funds in terms of asset classes, span across traditional to alternatives and customized solution in styles as well as China, Asia and global in geographies.
We are a value investor with a long term horizon because we believe value is determined by fundamental in the long run. Our research focus on gaining a deep understanding in the value drivers of the companies we invest in as well as the risk inherent to the investment. While we appreciate the benefit of diversification, we also acknowledge the disadvantage of over-diversification and as a result we prefer a relatively concentrate portfolio of investments that we understand well and aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted return to our clients.
Whilst investment performance is of paramount importance and a determinant in our success, GF Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited also views client service as the other pillar to sustain success. We strive to respond to client inquiries and provide portfolio analytics on a timely, professional and transparent manner. We will also be providing commentary and our latest thoughts on markets to help cultivate our clients relationship into trusted partnerships.

Given our in-depth knowledge and leading position of the Group in Mainland China, it is natural that our investment strategy started off with a focus on the Hong Kong/China space for both our equity and fixed income products. Apart from two SFC authorized funds and two private funds, we also provide customized solution to corporations, institutions and high net-worth individuals as well as products that tailor for CIES.

After about four years of establishment with a Hong Kong/China franchise, we have also taken a step further in our geography strategy to offer a more regional product – a TMT portfolio in partnership with a leading financial intermediary in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, we are also developing other strategies across regions and style to help better service the needs of our clients.

Our team in Hong Kong conducts extensive and in-depth proprietary research to identify superior investment opportunities for inclusion into the different mandates we manage. Our efforts benefit tremendously from the Group’s resources and support in Mainland China, assisting us to capture and capitalize on market trends and themes that emanated from within the Mainland.

Our investment team has an aggregate of 79 years of industry experience. The six-member team has a diverse background from reputable global firms across both buy-side and sell-side of the industry, spans from traditional investment to alternative strategy and market coverage from Hong Kong/China to Asia Pacific. The team is committed to replicate the robust international best practice in asset management at GFAMHK and leverage on the Group’s research capabilities in the Mainland to the benefit of our clients.