Charles Lin, CEO of GF Holdings (Hong Kong), Shares Views on Navigating Changing Tides in Private Wealth Management

2024-06-11 18:05 GF Holdings (Hong Kong)

Charles Lin, Chief Executive Officer of GF Holdings (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited, shared insights on the evolving trends in private wealth management across the Asia-Pacific region at the Greenwich Economic Forum held in Hong Kong on June 6.

Charles Lin, CEO of GF Holdings (Hong Kong) (the first from left), attends Greenwich Economic Forum Hong Kong

As the market landscape becomes increasingly unpredictable, Charles highlighted that diversification remains a key priority for both mass affluent and high-net-worth clients. "Clients are paying much closer attention to diversifying their sources of returns and managing risk," he noted. "We're seeing a growing willingness to invest beyond Hong Kong, as investors recognize the high correlation between the mainland and Hong Kong markets."

Charles also underscored the heightened demand for technological solutions, with clients seeking seamless, one-stop platforms to manage their wealth. "Cost-effectiveness is another crucial factor, as investors favor simpler, low-cost solutions, such as ETF index funds, to construct their global portfolios."

Notably, Charles observed a significant shift in client mindset, with the proportion of risky assets rising from 10% to about 50% in recent years. He said clients now understand the benefits of entrusting their wealth to professional managers, rather than buying money market funds and managing them themselves. They are also becoming more open to exploring fixed income and alternative investment options, in addition to traditional equities, Charles added.

Charles Lin shares views on navigating changing tides in private wealth management

Looking ahead, Charles emphasized the importance of investor education, particularly as China's wealth management industry continues to evolve. He pinpointed that there is a great migration from bank deposits and real estate to professionally managed products, but the overall penetration is still far below developed markets. Educating investors on the legal and financial infrastructure of overseas markets is crucial as they seek global investment opportunities.

Held in Hong Kong, the 2024 Greenwich Economic Forum convened over 200 global C-suite leaders and well-known scholars from finance, business, academia, and policy to share insights on investments.

GF Holdings (Hong Kong), the international arm of GF Securities Co. Ltd., remains committed to guiding its clients through the dynamic changes in the APAC private wealth management landscape, leveraging its expertise and innovative solutions to help them navigate the path to long-term financial success.

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