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No Warranty

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Internet Communication

There shall be no guarantee to the security of messages transmitted through the internet. Transaction made through the internet may be interfered, and the transmission may be interrupted, delayed or the data transmitted may be corrupted. GFHK shall not be liable for losses directly or indirectly, specially or incidentally arising from the use of this website.

Password Security

You shall keep the password of your online transaction account strictly confidential, and shall not reveal the same to any person unauthorized to operate the account. You shall be fully liable for the losses caused by revealing the login password to any third person or unauthorized use of the password. GFHK shall not be liable for any unauthorized use of your online account caused by your failure to keep your password properly. If you think your username and/or password has been revealed to a third person, has been lost or stolen, and your account might have been used to conduct any unauthorized transaction, you shall be responsible for notifying us immediately.

Disclosure on the Risks associated to Transactions made through the Online Transaction System

You know and agree that the internet may not be a completely confidential and reliable way of communication due to its own properties. Transmission of data, receipt of an instruction of other information may be delayed, so that execution of the instruction may be delayed or the instruction may be executed at a price different to the price when the instruction was sent. Internet communication has the risks of the communication being mistaken or wrong, whereas an instruction once being sent normally may not be canceled;

With respect to using the password to log on to the online transaction account, you confirm and understand that you shall be fully liable for the losses caused by revealing the login password to any third person or unauthorized use of the login password. As long as the login password is used to prove the source of an instruction, that instruction shall be deemed given by you, true, complete, accurate and binding on you, whether it was actually given by you; and

You understand that GFHK shall not be liable in the following circumstances: (1) any delay and error in the execution of an instruction; or (2) any failure of GFHK to execute your instruction caused by any error, interruption or failure of equipment, facilities or otherwise which GFHK could not have foreseen or known or beyond the control of GFHK. GFHK makes no representation or warranty to the timeliness, accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information published or available through the online transaction system.

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