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Explore and capture investment opportunities in China, and take advantage of a platform that bridges the Chinese and overseas capital markets

Global Capital

Established in 2015, GF Global Capital Limited’s FICC portfolios cover a range of regions, industries, currencies and asset classes. Asset allocation involves multiple countries and covers diversified investments such as bonds, fixed income related products and alternative investments, commodity, fixed income and market neutral funds. For hedging, it covers treasury bond futures, foreign exchange agreement and CDS. As one of the first participants of the Bond Connect program in July 2017, our counterparties include over 50 institutions in China and overseas, and 15 ISDA/GMRA counterparties, including top-tier investment banks and brokers.

  • Fixed income investment

    We invest in offshore bonds issued by Chinese companies as well as bonds issued by companies across different countries

  • FICC investment

    We invest in alternative credit investment products, currencies, commodities, funds and market-neutral strategy products

  • Investment research

    We conduct research on the markets and investment targets, and provide asset allocation advice to the investment team